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VAT Registration in UAE

Being registered under the VAT law means that a business is acknowledged by the government, as a supplier of Goods and Services and is authorized to collect VAT from customers and remit the same to the government.

Only VAT registered businesses will be allowed to do the following:

Charge VAT on the taxable supply of goods and services

  • Claim Input Tax Credit on VAT paid on their purchases, which will be deducted from VAT liability on sales
  • Payment of VAT to the government
  • Periodic filing of VAT return

VAT Registration Form: The online VAT registration form contains 8 sections as shown below, under which the details need to be furnished for completing VAT registration 

  • About the applicant
  • Details of the applicant
  • Contact details
  • Banking details
  • Business relationships
  • About the VAT registration
  • Declaration
  • Review & submit

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